Sanicheva Elizaveta

List of works

Academic works

1998 - In My Garden for soprano and piano after poetry by K.Balmont

1999 - Sonata for trumpet and piano,
Six pieces for piano,
Variations for piano

2000 - Colours sonata for female voice and piano (after poetry by F.Lorka, P. Eluard, Guilvique)

2001 - Three pieces for piano,
Birds for marimba, clarinet and oboe,
Self – Portrait for violin
Salome for flute

2002 - Piece for oboe, violin, viola and cello,
Sensation for soprano, flute, viola and harp after poetry by A.Rimbaud
Duo for flute and oboe

2003 - Sonata for saxophone and piano,
Sharp for harpsichorde, snare drum and saxophone,

2004 - Avide – Improvisation for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin and cello after poetry by R.G. Mohnnau

2005 - Six for piano, french horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion and doble bass

2006 - Rivers Inside for orchestra
Rivers Inside version for ensemble
Le Soleil Froisse for piano

2007 - Cor Cordae for string quartet
Crossfade for piano
Reincarnation for electronic
Programming of dream for electronic
Hidden Oceans for electronic
Wildness for piano
Instincts for piano, percussions, bass-clarinet, basson and contra-basson
Carrus Navalis for flute solo (second take of work "Salome")
Spontanissimo!! for piano and live electronics

Jazz themes

2006 - Unicorn,

2007 - Soho,
The Very Depth

Theatre works

2006 - music for theatre performance "Snowwhite"

2007 - music for theatre performance "Golden Fish"


Fantasy after a themes by G.Santaolalla from soundtrack to "Brokeback Mountain"

Other works

Jazz aesthetics study course (for MSHU named after Sholokhov)